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Bereavement is different for everybody, and it takes as long as it takes.  Many people think of bereavement as occurring after a loved one dies but there are many situations involving loss that can result in a similar emotional response, for example: losing a job or home, relationship breakdown and loss of a pet.

There are certain stages that most people will move through but at different times and ways.

We have added here a link to the hospice, and a link to a 20 minute online talk about the grieving process, where one man talks about his two Grannies and their experiences of life and bereavement.

St. Wilfreds Hospice

Talk on grief as a life adventure

The link below provides a booklet which reassures and supports you through these difficult times.

Your Bereavement; Living Through It

If you are in need of any bereavement support, you can contact Silverline for help:

The Silverline