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Cool The Burn:

Do this immediately using running water for a minimum of 10 minutes. If water is not available for minor burns then use any cold harmless liquid, such as milk, and then move to a tap. Take care not to induce hypothermia if the burn area is large.

Remove Jewellery and Loose Clothing:

Do this gently and carefully, before the area starts to swell. Do not remove anything that is stuck to the burn. For burns involving chemicals, be careful not to contaminate yourself or other areas of the body.

Dress The Burn:

Dress the burn with a sterile dressing that won’t stick. Cling film is ideal for this – discard the first two turns of the film and don’t wrap it tight as the area may continue to swell. Secure with a bandage. Alternative dressings include: a new (unused) plastic bag, low adherent dressings or specialised burn dressings.