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Herstmonceux Integrative Health Centre

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Herb Garden Design

Medicinal plants have truly been shown to have health benefits for thousands of years, yet there is amazing body of evidence promoting and proving that being out in nature is good for us having both short and long term benefits in promoting mental and physical health.

So what better way then to create your own medicinal herb garden were you are able to harvest and make some remedies that could treat some common illness and aliments.

Julia Behrens Medical herbalist has desgined, grown a number of public and private herb gardens, green roofs and play grounds. Disgned and inspried by nature .

Hedgehog Herbs was one of the first, a non-profit project run by volunteers in conjunction with the Friends of Queen’s Park. The aim was to create a sustainable organic herb garden and haven for wildlife and endangered species in the wildlife area of Queen’s Park. The project brought people together and provided a creative and green space for the local community who do not have access to their own garden, opportunities to grow and learn about plants, sustainability, environmental issues and ‘how nature works in practice.

Julia Behrens designed a herb garden for us in a shape of a woman fuelled by the celebration of honouring 100 years of women getting the right to vote. Welcomed by the doctors, nurses and patients it is not only a memorial but as a tool kit to empower people to take control of their health. The garden is used as permanent learning and wellbeing teaching resource for all local residents and as asset and statement to our Practice.

By creating medicinal herb gardens so we able to tack issues about health, and how nature can heal with food or herbs that can be easily grown . This encouraged people to eat well and think about health issues with real benefits in empowering them to engage with their won health, environment in a proactive an positive way.