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How to reduce my risk of heart disease and stroke

A heart attack or stroke can be mild or completely devastating.

It could occur right out of the blue. More commonly these events happen to those that have had one before, or those that are in ‘higher risk’ groups.  There are factors that you cannot change, such as your genetic code, and there are other factors that, to a greater or lesser extent, are under your control. If you have not had a stroke or a heart attack before, what you do, and what we might recommend for you is known as ‘Primary Prevention’.

The keys to primary prevention of heart attack, stroke and other heart or blood vessel related disease :

•  Stopping smoking, or not starting

• Being active and eating well so that you are the healthiest weight you can be

• Keeping blood pressure within safe limits ( usually < 140/ 90)

• Keeping your blood sugar level under control. If you have diabetes click here.

• Keeping cholesterol within normal limits

Sometimes your doctor will recommend medication to reduce your blood pressure, or reduce your cholesterol level.  The scientific evidence for lowering blood pressure is very clear. The evidence for statins is a bit more complicated. They will help some people and not others. The article below gives you a bit more information on this.

How doctors and patients view statins for primary prevention?