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Podiatry – Conneal Clarke


Name: Conneal Clarke

Qualifications: BSc (Hons) Podiatry, HCPC reg., COP








As a qualified Podiatrist I am able to support you with most common conditions of the feet.  These may include:

  1. General Toenail cutting especially very thick and difficult nails
  2. Callus & corn reduction and maintenance
  3. In-growing toenail discomfort
  4. Advice on fungal nails, footwear and biomechanical problems

All are welcome!  More so those diagnosed with chronic conditions like diabetes and Rheumatoid arthritis; those with mental or physical challenges such as Alzheimer’s, Learning Difficulties, or simply old age.

Appointment times: Thursdays 2PM – 6:30PM


How to contact Conneal

tel no: 07449929423
email:   conneal_beswick@yahoo.co.uk

Fees: £20 per treatment; an extra £15 for 1st appointment.

£25 for those with diabetes




All Independent Integrative Practitioners that see Clients at Herstmonceux Health Centre do so independently of the NHS service