Tests & Results

Blood Test results – Results will be sent to your GP as soon as it is available from the hospital. If there is anything that needs to be done, for instance you need antibiotics, we will contact you. The results are usually available to you 6-7 working days after the test and can be most easily accessed online through the NHS app.

Blood Test Appointments

All appointments for blood tests will be made before 14:30 in time to be collected and taken to the hospital for analysis.

If you are having a fasting blood test you should not eat or drink any fluids (except water or tea without milk or sugar) for 14 hours prior to your test.

If you are having a PSA blood test, Click here for further information on Prostate Cancer and the benefits and risks of having a PSA test

Urine samples – please collect a sample bottle from reception and return, with the completed enclosed questionnaire, to the surgery before 10:30am. We will test it in the surgery and if it shows any abnormality we will send it to the hospital for analysis.

Stool samples – If you are doing a “FIT” test (to see if you have blood in your stool)  then follow the instructions in the packet and be sure to label it carefully. If you are asked to collect a stool sample, some people find it helpful to use clingfilm over the toilet bowl with a dip in it to collect the stool and please screw the lid securely to prevent unwanted leakage.